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Delfin is constantly investing and modernizing its production lines. This allows us to successively increase the production capacity of the company, expand the product offer and constantly improve the quality of the manufactured equipment.
In the years 2010-2016, with our own contribution and EU funding, we have completed investments worth EUR 2.5 million, thanks to which two modern production halls were built equipped with innovative technological lines for rotational moulding and other devices supporting their operation. We also built a new warehouse hall and assembly stations. The market is still developing and dictates new conditions, hence further investments in the development of the company’s production potential and the development of the entire product offer are planned.

In 2020 we have started our new investement worths 500 kEuro – production hall  equipped with a modern three-arm rotomoulding machine in SAT technology. Thanks to this investment, we will launch the production of a new product: a modern home sewage treatment plant with innovative SBR-MAD technology.


We have a modern machine park, based on French SAT technology. It enables us to produce elements of a wide range of sizes. SAT machines are fully computer-controlled and equipped with devices controlling heating and cooling parameters. This allows for optimization of production processes, reduction of energy consumption, guarantees shape stability and repeatability of products.


An important stage of production is the preparation of the raw material. The raw material in the form of granulate is delivered to the plant by tankers and pumped into an external silo. From the silo, it is sent to a pulveriser in a negative pressure manner, where the granulate is processed into a powder of a strictly defined granulation. Polyethylene in powder form is fed by a vacuum system to internal storage silos. Then, together with the addition of the pigment, it is delivered to a hall with moulding machines.

DELFIN tanks are made of highly compacted polyethylene. This means stability, durability for many years. We produce without waste, by rotomoulding in a closed furnace, which gives the effect of even wall thickness of each tank. This, in turn, guarantees high strength, tightness, resistance to stress fluctuations, pH and temperature changes.


The rotomoulding method consists in preparing the appropriate mold and then placing the material in it to give it the right shape. Rotoforming machines rotate simultaneously in two axes, which causes that the heated plastic evenly covers the walls of the mold.

Watch the video of how rotomoulding looks like:


We make every effort to ensure that our products are delivered to the clients profesionally and safely


In order to ensure the high quality of our products we have established our own laboratory. Laboratory analyses guarantee that regardless of the composition of wastewater, the Delfin treatment plants will function properly and safely for the environment. Our laboratory is equipped with very precise measuring instruments which allow us to perform a number of sewage analyses and thus test the operation of the sewage treatment plant.

We also have our own test stand. After internal tests, Delfin devices are subjected to detailed tests in an accredited EU unit – Building Research Institute. The equipment is analysed in terms of treatment efficiency, water tightness, strength, durability and reaction to fire. Positive test results allow to mark them with the CE mark to confirm compliance with the requirements of European standards.

We care about our customers and that is why we decided to invest in the most modern technology on the market. The basis of analysis, both in the process of wastewater treatment, water treatment and quality control, is the pH value. Conductivity and oxygen concentration also play a key role, both in the laboratory and in the field.